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The Basics Of Life Coaching And How It Can Help You

Life coaching is a popular option that can be resorted to by those who need psychotherapy, counseling, business consulting, organizational development or personal development. The coach will conduct mentoring, values assessment, behavior modeling, goal-setting, and many other techniques also sourced from other fields like sociology and psychology.

Life coaching, which is often a good idea for people who seek workplace stress relief, is a client-centered therapy that evolved as a result of the theories of Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. Both have contributed to the shift (in technique) in making the client an active participant in his personal growth. Today, life coaching is credited to Maslows Towards a Psychology of Being which provided the basic framework for modern life coaching.

Coaches prepare and train for special areas like career coaching, parenting coaching, business coaching. They focus on a particular field so as to comprehensively address the particular concerns of their clients. Today, there are many fields that have gained great support from life coaches such in the case of coaching for mothers, for writers, for patients of certain diseases. Life coaching has expanded to cater to different individuals and groups from all sort of specialized areas of concern.

Just like any profession, life coaches also follow ethical standards. The profession is guided by the values of competence and integrity which require a life coach to deal with a client honestly and fairly. A coach is held responsible for upholding standards as he represents the whole profession at large. Most of all, a coach must exercise awareness of the cultural differences of individuals as well as the need to respect client privacy

If you are experiencing workplace harassment or bullying and want to find a way to manage them, you can resort to life coaching. Even those who are the aggressors or bullies can benefit from life coaching. Coaching is usually done by phone, often lasting for a month or more. The phone charges are often part of the coaching package fee along with coaching sent thru email. In every session, the client gets to share personal stories, struggles, problems, triumphs, happinesses, and all things he feels can openly share. The coach, on his end, will have to listen and facilitate the sharing of the client to come up with enlightening revelations.

At one point, life coaching was a topic of controversy as questions were raised about the regulation of the profession (which has been accused as having no standards at all). Some claim that just about anybody interested can engage in this profession and no legal standards are set to regulate or oversee the flow of the trade. People talk of how some coaches have gotten off the hook in glaring cases of malpractice. However, legislators in the state of Colorado insisted that life coaching is not similar to psychotherapy where they have to come up with diagnoses or conduct examinations. Rather, life coaching merely focuses on listening to clients and encouraging them to effect change in their lives.

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